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Could Jonny Flynn Be The Chicago Bulls Only Point Guard With Good SAT Scores?

To be fair, I don't know Jonny Flynn's SAT scores.  But I'm willing to bet he actually took the test himself.

Speaking of Derrick Rose, he's the point guard and franchise player of the Chicago Bulls.  If there's any position they don't seem to need to worry about in the upcoming draft, it's at the point.  So why are they looking at Jonny Flynn?

"I couldn't understand why they were bringing me in, either," Flynn admitted when asked why the Bulls would consider drafting him with Rose on the roster. "But they talked to me and said [there are] times when we wish to move Derrick Rose off the ball, and things like that. When they said that to me, it started all falling into place. Everything went well, it was great."

Flynn spoke with ESPN Chicago's Nick Freidell and gushed about the young nucleus of players in Chicago and the chance to join them. 

But it's not just the Bulls who are interested in Jonny.  After his performance at the combine, his stock may have just soared through the roof:

Reporting for, Jonathan Givony writes Stephen Curry "appeared to have the most polish of any point guard in attendance, except possibly Jonny Flynn, who also stood out."

Jonny did take a little time to speak about another important topic in Chicago...the Carlos Zambrano meltdown.  Flynn has some experience working closely with fiery individuals...he was coached by Jim Boeheim for two years

"Oh man," he said, "Coach Boeheim, in the snap of a finger can just snap on you, but he's only doing that to make you a better player. When you're young sometimes you think some people are not trying to let you play your game, or trying to criticize you for the wrong things but a guy like Coach Boeheim, a basketball wizard who's been around the game for 30 some odd years, he's still gonna be Jim Boeheim without Jonny Flynn. He don't need me to be Jim Boehiem. When he's yelling [at] me, I know it's only just to make me a better player and a better person."