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Paul Harris And Jonny Flynn Are Officially A Package Deal

After learning that Paul Harris has signed with Leon Rose, the same agent that represents his Niagara Falls High School and Syracuse teammate Jonny Flynn, it's clear that the logical next step is a free agent contract from whichever pro team drafts Jonny.Right?  I'm almost certain these two will be required by law to play on the same team for the rest of their careers.  Note to the Knicks.

I don't think anyone was under the illusion that Paul might still return to SU, but at least that ties up the one remaining loose end. 

Harris and Flynn have been working out together in Chicago to preare for the NBA Draft.  Harris is working on improving his game but more importantly, getting back any confidence that was strip-mined from his body by Jim Boeheim over the past three seasons:

“About a week ago, I was telling Jonny I think I’m getting a little better down here,” Harris said. “He said, ‘It’s not that you’re getting better. You’re just getting your confidence back. You’re playing like you did in high school and AAU.’”

Unfortunately for him, Paul will not be joining Jonny at the draft combine which starts today but he does have a couple private workouts scheduled with some eastern conference teams later this week.

Interesting note at the end of the article about how Paul's interest in attempting to make it to the NBA needed to be rekindled by some old friends who pushed him.  Scary thought that Paul might have actually considered calling it a career, at least for a little while, and nice to know that he's got a "posse"that actually takes care of him. 

H/T: Mike Waters