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Crowning The 2009 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Pick'm Champion

I should have known as soon as I received a set of picks submitted under the name "  I Am Dangerous," we were all in trouble.  No one throws around movie quotes haphazardly and clearly we were dealing with a real Top Gun.   The only person in the contest to pick every single game correctly is indeed your champion. Open the leaderboard below to see for yourself:

The 2009 NCAA Lacrosse Pick'm Final Scoreboard

Good thing Ice was perfect cause he didn't include a tiebreaker.  Maybe he just realized he didn't need to. 

Five folks in total picked the correct championship outcome and four of them grace the top spots of the leaderboard.  Brian over at Orange44 does the blog contingent proud, coming in 5th, while Glaude and I hover in the middle of the pack. 

If there were lessons to be learned so you can do better next season, it's:

  1. Don't get crazy, favorites will win more often than not.
  2. Always pick Syracuse.

And now, for the prizes!  Yes, I'm actually following through and giving out prizes to the Top 3 finishers.

For first place, the Ice...Man wins himself a fabulous Syracuse Block S Mug!

Coming in 2nd place by a mere point, Frank O. has won himself a Paul Harris replica jersey beer coozie!

Finally, for finishing in 3rd place, Steve P. has earned himself a little something to wash the regrets of not picking better in the first round...some Syracuse-themed Soap!!!

Winners, e-mail me your address and give me 1-2 weeks.  The hard-fought prizes shall be yours!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all for playing.  Mostly, congrats to SU and be sure to point and laugh at Card Chronicle's Mike down there at the bottom of the list.  Never send a Louisville grad to do a Syracuse grad's job.