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Jim Boeheim Doesn't Choose Words Carefully

I know that when Jim Boeheim says Brandon Triche is a better point guard "by a long shot" than Jonny Flynn, he means that though Flynn is a better athlete and basketball player, Triche is a better point guard for what Jim wants to accomplish. I've listened to Boeheim speak long enough now to realize that. I get it.

But still, James, if I can call you doesn't sound right.  Or good.  Or classy.

I'm just saying.

Boeheim isn't saying Triche is a better player than Flynn, or that he'll be better for the Orange as a freshman than Flynn was during his spectacular sophomore season. But he is convinced Triche, who is 6-4, 195, is more adept at setting up and involving teammates in the attack, which could help the Orange flourish in the Big East next season.

"I think he's going to be a great player," Boeheim told Sporting News. "He can shoot it. He's smart. He's physical. He can't go by people like Jonny, but nobody can.

"He'll start right away for us."

Well there you go. Sorry Team Scoop. Your time is over, er, never was.

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H/T: Axeman