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Donte Greene Is A Lifesaver

You know, maybe if Donte Greene saved a few more lives while he was here at Syracuse, fans wouldn't hold such a grudge over his leaving early. 

Still, pretty nice of him to do so the other day.  Via his Twitterfeed, Donte dropped this note randomly yesterday:

So I was at the river yesterday and a friend of mine fell in da water and she can't swim. So I jumped in and saved her.

Oh?  Very matter-of-fact, there.  More details required.  Donte spoke with KHTK in Sacramento to discuss the event in further detail:

“We went down the American River, out there having fun, we were linked up with a few boats and everything.  Been out there, basically all afternoon, so we were wrapping everything up, everyone was grabbing their buoys and everything, untying and trying to leave.  She had let one of her friends drive her boat so she was at the back of the boat trying to pull her ladder in, and I guess she didn’t know she was back there and hit the engine and she flew off the back of the boat.  So, I didn’t know, I thought she could swim, she couldn’t swim, I think I’m a swimmer, I was a lifeguard coming up in high school.  So, I guess I just reacted and just jumped in, someone threw her a life preserver and I pulled her in to a boat (someone else’s) - almost got run over by one…”

A tip of the cap to the man of the hour, Donte Greene.  His quick thinking prevented a tragedy and Syracuse fans are allowed to hate him a little less today then the day before.  I only wonder if we'll see a reenactment on the next episode of The Donte Greene Show...

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