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May Your Memorial Day Weekend Be Championship-y

I'm ghost like Swayze (relevant?) until Tuesday so you're all on your own this Memorial Day Weekend.  Try not to panic.

I know you'll all be intently watching the Syracuse-Duke lacrosse game tomorrow. If you'll be watching on TV, you've also got some handy options on live coverage courtesy of The Twitter.

Dave Rahme will surely be live-blogging.  So will the D.O. Sports folks  The Glaude will be on hand (with Brian Harrison) and possibly tweeting from the games, depending on his liquor and sausage intake.  Expect Brian to post some info on Sunday and hope that it is positive.

If you are in attendance and want to commiserate with your fellow Orange, leave some comments below on where to meet up, where you're sitting, what your social security number is and your overall household income.  Those last two are for me.  Also, maybe you want to share some good spots for pre- and post-game celebrations.  Fingers crossed we'll need them.

When we speak again, may DOCTOR Gross have a brand new photo op wedged in with the men's lacrosse team to add to his collection.