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Mocking Jonny Flynn

Now that the NBA draft order is secure, it's time for everyone and their mother to predict what will happen.  Thought it might be worthwhile to look at where everyone seems to think young Jonny Flynn will show up.  Something tells me that we won't see Devo or Paul's names come up...just like the real draft!

The Dagger - #13, Pacers

Because Johnny Flynn quits for no man. I'm not a big fan of talking about players in terms of their "make-up." It always just seems like a fancy, scouty way of saying "he was nice to me when I talked to him that one time." But Flynn is different. His team-oriented, let's-do-this make-up — seen most obviously in Syracuse's legendary six-OT game versus UConn in the Big East tournament, where he played 67 minutes and hit all 16 of his free throw attempts — is perfect for a point guard. Plus he's, like, good at basketball.

Tom Ziller, Fanhouse - #19, Hawks

Steve Alexander, - #17 - Sixers

Andre Miller is as good as gone and it’s time to plan for the future at point guard. Flynn’s not the best decision maker, but could end up being another Delonte West.

Dime Magazine - #7, Warriors

TAB, Bleacher Report - #12, Bobcats

Yes, they have Raymond Felton at point guard. Yes, they need a shooting guard.

But, in case you missed the Big East Tournament this spring, this kid is off-the-rack clutch and has stones that legends are made of.

Where's Billy Packer when you need someone to yell "Onions!"

Don't think for a second that Michael Jordan doesn't want someone who would punch you in the face to take the last shot in a game.

This kid's attitude is everything Jordan was and wants.

Basketball Blogs- #14, Suns

The Hoop Doctors - #12, Bobcats

The Charlotte Bobcats need a true facilitator if they are going to play in a Larry Brown system. They need a guy that looks to pass first and score second. Although Brown typically doesn’t give rookies a lot of burn, I think Flynn may be the perfect back-up point guard that Brown could mold into the type of player he needs to run the offense and avoid turnovers.

Scott, Ridiculous Upside - #10, Bucks - #14, Suns

The Suns are enamored with Flynn's scoring ability and toughness. With Nash apparently out the door after next season, this team will quickly be in rebuilding mode and they see Flynn as the perfect PG to build around.

Well good, glad we're all in agreement.