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Welcome To Shaqacuse

Shaquille O'Neal and Syracuse, NY are starting to grow on one another. 

Shaq was here a few months back when the Suns played the Nuggets in a preseason game in the Dome.  We watched as Shaq went to the mall, took in a movie, worked out at Bally's and downed a strawberry smoothie.  We even videotaped the event while wearing our Orlando Shaq jersey as a memento.  Shaq and SU briefly crossed paths again in March when he was introduced as the new spokesman for Enlyten, the energy product that had propelled the SU basketball team to victory in the 6-OT epic.

But now, the big man returns to the university itself.  This time it's not about basketball.  It's about talking about basketball.  Shaq is taking part in Sportscaster U, a two-day broadcast journalism course at the Newhouse School.

"After basketball, I'd love to have my own radio show, my own TV show," said Shaq, who spent Monday taping mock stand-ups, scripting material, and conducting interviews. Shaq even got the first on-camera interview with Greg Paulus since the former Duke point guard announced his decision to play football at SU.

Believe me, Shaq.  The world will demand your own radio or TV show once you're retired.  Wanting it isn't the issue anymore. 

So about that interview with Paulus, what did SU's newest football star think of meeting the Diesel?

''He's just unbelievable,'' Paulus added. ''He's got great personality. His presence is phenomenal. He's so funny and charismatic. He's got the whole package.''

That's what she said. O’Neal also interviewed Tim Green as part of the day.  He continues his training today as well. 

Niko Tamurian at NBC3 interviewed Shaq and you can watch Mike Waters do the same below.  Nice to know he was able to actually get some training in, in-between all these interview requests:

Shaquille O'Neal at Syracuse University's Sportscaster U