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If You Have Tape Of Yourself Playing QB In High School, Send It In

Because Doug Marrone might just give you a scholarship to play quarterback at Syracuse University too!

Marrone confirmed today what we were pretty sure was the case all along, that he's only seen Greg Paulus throw the football from his high school tapes.  Though, he did get a kind-of recommendation from an NFL scout:

"The only feedback that I got from his throwing ability was from an NFL workout," Marrone said. "It was basically just a correspondence of, that he threw the ball very well. Those were the words told to me. From the standpoint of my actually seeing him throw the football, I have not seen him throw a football. The only time I saw Greg throwing the football was the tapes of him in high school. So I have not actually have seen him, physically, with my own eyes, throw a football."

Does this remind anyone else of the plot to an 80's sex comedy?  Are we going to find out that Greg Paulus is actually a girl?  (Wait, don't answer that...). 

All of that is moot now cause Greg is here.  Because he's signed his grant-in-aid, he can officially do most anything any other SU athlete can, which includes use the facilities.  So now, as far as Marrone is concerned, it's all about getting that waiver squared away and getting Paulus' muscles up to speed, er, size.

Syracuse's Doug Marrone on Greg Paulus playing football--Part 1

Some other football news, notes and nuggets:

We're #51!!!  That's 51st in spring practice attendance. 5,184 folks showed up to watch Ryan Nassib and his merry men, more than showed up at Oregon State, Northwestern, Cal or Boston College.  Unfortunately, that's still good (bad?) enough for last in the Big East.  And for the record, Ohio State drew 95,000.  I'm pretty sure that was Carrier Dome attendance for the entire year last season.

But we must look ahead and see this as a stepping stone.  So that next season the number will grow, as it will the season after that, and after that.  Perhaps some of the players on Orange Fizz's Football Big Board will be a part of that success.  They're the seven players among Rivals' and Scouts' top rankings that Syracuse currently has an offer out to.