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  • Greg Paulus will be helping out the SU basketball team while
  • SU and Duke lacrosse will get reaquainted this weekend in their first match-up since 2002...Dave Rahme
  • ESPNU will rebroadcast the SU-Maryland lacrosse game on
  • Thoughts on Jonny Flynn for the Knicks...The Knicks Blog (H/T: Jeff)
  • Cuse in the hunt for Fab Melo...CuseOrange
  • SU alum and Steeler James Harrison has dizzying logic...Shutdown Corner (Confused him with Anthony Smith, my bad)
  • Big East spring practice roundup...Sporting News

While waiting for the re-broadcast, check out some of the goals from the SU-Maryland game:

John Desko stars as Mr. Personality!