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  • Oh right, SU lacrosse is playing for the right to go to the Final Four this weekend...Orange44
  • It's SU vs. Maryland for the first time since 1997(!)...LaxPower
  • Sid Smith brings unparalleled skills to the SU lacrosse team on defense...Dave Rahme
  • Cody Jamieson gives the Orange another offensive asset...Dave Rahme
  • Greg Paulus To Syracuse: The Newspaper Cartoon...Donnie Webb
  • Art Jones is the 9th best player in the Big East...Brian Bennett
  • Big East post-spring practive power rankings.  SU not last!...Brian Bennett
  • See Gerry McNamara this weekend at the Hotel Syracuse...Mike Waters
  • Five early questions for the Big East...Brian Bennett
  • No Big East teams in one early Top 25...Brian Bennett

Syracuse, yo.