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That'll Do, Delone. That'll Do.

As mentioned last week, Delone Carter is on Twitter.  And he's not afraid to use it.  Clearly. 

Delone sounds off about the upcoming season and his excitement, which 140 characters can hardly contain:

this is our year i kow im going to have a good season. things are about to change in syracuse

Of course, that's not all Delone is excited about:

bout to get some birthday sex lol

Well, um, Happy Birthday! Whichever lucky lady (lady...right?) will be partaking in the gift giving ceremony, she's certainly in for an ab-ariffic time.   Hopefully you're taking care of yourself.

my paint so sick looks , like it caught the aids virus

You know, I'm thinking we limit discussions about Delone's "paint" to a minimum moving forward.

Probably for the best that Tremendous Doug Marrone isn't actually on Twitter.  He must spontaneously combust.

H/T: Chuck & Glaude