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PaulusWatch: The End

Figured I would signal the end of PaulusWatch with a catch-all post to get everyone (including myself) up to speed on the goings-on.

So we know that Paulus is officially cleared and a student at Syracuse University.  His grant-in-aid has officially been processed, whatever that is, and Tremendous Doug Marrone can now comment on his arrival (couldn't have done it a couple hours earlier, huh?):

Greg is a proven winner and leader who is coming home to finish his collegiate athletics career. We are excited to have him join our program to compete and help us win.

Make no mistake, Paulus will not be handed the starting job.  He is competing in the truest sense of the word.

Greg's high school coach Joe Casamento has been vocal during the process and he spoke to the Daily Orange about Paulus' arrival.

I thought he just needed some time to get away from Syracuse to make sure he still loved it and felt good about it while he was away from it. I was pretty sure he was going to come here.

Casamento and Marrone (when I met with him) both mentioned how important Newhouse was to getting Paulus to commit.  Probably the real difference-maker.

Donnie Webb breaks down the waiver process that Paulus will need to fulfill in order to be eligible this season.  Doesn't sound like it will be a major issue.

Of course, the real excitement from all of this is knowing that a Bud Poliquin column that compares Greg Paulus to Jesus Christ is inevitable.  And Bud did not disaapoint:

The kid is a cross between John-Boy Walton and Huckleberry Finn, equal parts humility and confidence, a mix of manners and grit. Ask Greg Paulus a question and you'll get an earful of earnestness; mention his athletic deeds and, with head already bowed, he'll compliment you on your shoe shine.

Greatest.  Greg Paulus.  Ever.

But what of the jilted?  Nebraska is dealing with the rejection in a healthy way.  Making fun of Greg and pretending they were never that interested in the first place. Riiiight.

Some other links and notes to peruse below. Doug Marrone says that he wants today's SU players to leave the program in better condition for the ones that come after.  Greg's going to have to work pretty fast to make it happen.  Let the naysayers say their naysay, we'll put our faith in you.  Just make sure all this hype was worth it.

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