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Random news and notes from the Cuseosphere regarding Syracuse football.

Three members of the incoming Syracuse recruiting class will be playing for USA Football’s 2009 Junior National Team, whatever the hell that is.

Linebacker Brandon Sharpe, defensive backs Shamarko Thomas and Phillip Thomas join 42 other high school seniors on the team.  I'm more than a little confused as to who this American team will be playing in a tournament for AMERICAN FOOTBALL, but I suppose UnderArmour or Nike is making money off of it, so that's nice.(Yep, it's UnderArmour).

So apparently the American team will be playing International teams from Canada, Germany, Sweden, Japan and other countries.  Color me confused.  I mean, if America doesn't win every game 253-0, we should just shut down high school football, right?  So, uh, go Brandon, Shamarko and pressure.


Over at Rocky Top Talk, they're counting down The 50 Best Games of the Fulmer Era and they've reached the inevitable 1998 Syracuse-Tennessee game.  It's not the most fun read for SU fans, especially near the end, but you should know your history, folks.


Former Syracuse OC GeorgeDeLeone's wife passed away yesterday.  She was a great member of the SU community during those years and will be missed.


One of Ernie Davis' former teammates remember him fondly.

"He used to say, 'I've accomplished more in 23 years than some do in 80 years,' " Burch said.



Syracuse running back Delone Carter is on Twitter.  I've actually been wondering where all the SU players have been hiding on there.  No way this ends well, but, act accordingly in the meantime.