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PaulusWatch: Day Twenty One

These days, it's harder to find Greg Paulus news than it is to find a credible out-of-conference team on Rutgers' football schedule.  Yet I soldier on.  For you. 

You're welcome.

Absolutely no new devlopments to speak of.  In the meantime, Nebraska is doing their best to put it out there that if you want to play NFL football as a quarterback, you better come to Lincoln despite the fact that there are currently no NFL quarterbacks from Nebraska:

Make no mistake, Nebraska’s offense can help prepare a quarterback for the NFL. That’s been the case ever since Bill Callahan arrived on the scene in 2004 and remains the case with Watson now running the show, even with the tweaks he’s installed in the past year.

The fact Nebraska has struck out in producing an NFL draft pick at quarterback during the last six years is a talent issue rather than a system issue. In that period, the Huskers have had good-to-excellent college quarterbacks in Zac Taylor, Sam Keller and Joe Ganz. But being an excellent college quarterback obviously guarantees nothing when it comes to the NFL Draft.

So really then, doesn't it just come down to the athlete, regardless of where they go?

Lacking much else to find out about Paul, I decided to delve into his personal one does.  Checking his profile page over at Duke, I noticed a bunch of high school football facts about Paulus worth noting all in one place:

  • Won the Gatorade National High School Player of the Year (all sports)
  • A four-time all-state, All-CNY and all-league selection as a quarterback
  • Held six New York state records, including career passing yards (11,763) ... also had 152 passing touchdowns in 45 career games
  • Led CBA to a 42-3 four-year record in football, including a 13-0 mark and the NYSPHAA Class AA championship as a senior
  • Second team All-USA Today selection in 2004 at quarterback

But there's one disturbing fact that we all seem to be glossing over when it comes to Paulus and his family.  The Paulus's (Pauluses'? Paulusi?) live in the Syracuse area and have produced an entire crop of sons that excel in the sport of American football.  All five have gone on to play sports at a college level.  One at North Carolina, one at Duke and the other four AT FRICKIN' GEORGETOWN

Chris, Dan, Matt and David are among the many lost souls who attended Georgetown University and tainted the Paulus clan for life.  Who allowed this to happen?  Doesn't this negate Greg's elibililty?  Pretty sure if you're immediate family is at least 20% Hoya, you are barred from attending Syracuse University.  Pretty sure about that.  Someone check.

Sorry Greg, either cut ties with your family or you can't come in.  You're either with us or you're against us.