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Changing Of The Point Guard

If you haven't already bookmarked Orange Fizz' podcast feed, I suggest you do so.  D.A., Ted Conray and the team are puttiing some really good Orange-y content up on a weekly basis.  Today's no exception as Ted goes one-on-one with incoming point guard Brandon Triche

Triche might end up replacing Jonny Flynn as the new starting point guard for SU this season.  Clearly, Brandon's already thinking big about his impact on the team for '09 - '10:

"Scoop's still gonna be there. But it leaves me more playing time. If Jonny stayed it would give me someone to look up to at the point guard position."

"It all comes down to how well I do. How the point guard does, is often how the team goes. The sky's the limit for us. We just have to work harder as a team and play together more as a team."

Also, an interesting revelation from Triche that despite growing up in SU's backyard, it wasn't always his dream to play for the Orange.  If anything, it's more about opportunity:

"Syracuse wasn't a dream school for me. But I'm excited about coming up to SU. With Jonny leaving, there's a vacant spot at point guard."

I guess he was pretty sure Jonny would be leaving early.  Don't know if he expected Flynn to this THIS early though.

As for SU not being a dream school, I'm not gonna knock him for that.  It's not a prerequisite.  Surprising given that he grew up so close and has a relative that played for the Orange, but hey, I grew up 20 minutes from Rutgers and you don't see me fellating Greg Schiano.  (I said you don't SEE it...)

Also, no idea what Brandon will be majoring in but I have my fingers crossed for Speech Comm.  Don't worry Brando, we'll get those uh's and um's out of you yet.

But what about that fellow Triche is replacing?  Flynn has quickly become a hot prospect for the NBA Draft lottery and isn't expected to fall any lower than 14th at this point.  WGRZ did a piece on Jonny entitled "High Flying Jonny Flynn Stays Grounded With NBA Draft Near" worth checking out.  Jonny talks about the impact his parents had on him and how it's kept him in check.  Though I did get a chuckle out of this line:

"I think I would be the perfect role model for a little boy or girl growing up no matter if they want to play sports or not..."

Yes...very humble.