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Breaking: Paul Harris Alive, Shopping

Contrary to popular belief, former(?) Syracuse basketball player Paul Harris has not run off to join a carnie caravan that travels the Dust Bowl while also learning that he has strange healing powers and receiving visions of an apocalyptic showdown with a Methodist preacher.  #1, that's the plot of Carnivàle, so no idea where you got that from.  And #2, everyone know that Paul Harris already has strange healing powers.  Duh.

The Orange Segment's Ryan Miller was Twittering his heart away at the Carousel Mall today when he unexpectedly ran into an old chum:

at the mall. i was apparently in a texting zone with my head down and paul harris kept walking next to me until i noticed.

he's going to chicago this week to start training

Damn.  I was certain the Paul-Harris-at-Linebacker idea had legs.  But unless he's going there to join the Bears spring practice, it looks like Paul is indeed going to take a shot at the NBA Draft.  God speed, Paul.  Oh and if you haven't left the mall yet, there's a sale at Penny's.  30% off!