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The 2009 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Pick'm - Week One

In the NCAA Basketball Tournament, you're rewarded for going out on a limb and predicting upsets.  In the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament, that's exactly the kind of strategy that will get you punished. 

The Tournament is nothing if not predictable and those who made some upset picks in the first round were reminded of that this weekend.  Only one favorite lost (Notre Dame) and, despite the fact that they were undefeated, they were the most likely one to fall so many picked it correctly.  Otherwise, those who took a chance on Hofstra, Navy and UMBC were disappointed.  And that's before they saw the Pick'm standings...


Ten players are still perfect through week one and thirteen more are within one point striking distance.  But if you thought week one was predictable, wait til you see week two.  It's the same old teams playing the same old opponents and almost everyone is predicting the same old results.  So, unless some rather shocking upsets go down, those with 5 points and even 6 are probably just watching from here on out.  What can I say, the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament is a fickle bitch.

Oh and a special "let's all point and laugh" to BigEast44, who was the only person to pick a national champion outside of the SU/Virginia/Princeton triumvirate.  His choice?  Notre Dame.  Oofa.

Results will be updated next Tuesday after this weekend's action.