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PaulusWatch: Day Twenty

Twenty days we have waited patiently for Greg Paulus to decide whether or not he will play college football this season and whether or not he will do so at Syracuse or Nebraska.  And we shall continue to wait.

In the meantime, Doug Marrone was once again asked about Paulus' status and Marronegave the same answer as always, the only answer he's allowed to give:

"I'm allowed to say one of two things: 1. We aren't recruiting him and 2. We are," Marrone said. "And we are recruiting him."

If I were a betting man, I'd say Paulus is going to come to SU.  It just makes too much sense.  He's got family nearby and he's got a shot at starting or at least getting some real playing time here whereas he's almost assuredly a bench player in Lincoln.  Nebraska might have more bells and whistles but Greg needs to prove himself to NFL scouts and he needs to do it quickly.  It's going to be easier to do that in an orange uniform than a red one.  Dave Curtis at Sporting News agrees.

The smart money says Greg Paulus will suit up for Syracuse in the fall and Robert Marve will enroll at Purdue as soon as next week. Both players have histories with those schools, and both have visited them in the last few weeks. Paulus grew up in Syracuse's shadow, starring at quarterback and point guard for Christian Brothers Academy before heading to Duke. Marve, a Tampa product, looked hard at Purdue before the Indiana winters and the distance from home sent him to Miami.

And so...we continue waiting.