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PaulusWatch: Days Seventeen, Eighteen & Nineteen

Hope you took in some of the hot lacrosse action this weekend.  Greg certainlny did.  He attended the Duke-Navy game, which was played in Durham.  Also because he's good friends with Navy's Andy Tormey.

Graduation was this past weekend and Greg is officially done at Duke.  Now it's decision time and I would think it's going to come sooner than later.  What's left to decide?  Surely Greg has read Blink or at least had the gist explained to him.  He probably knew which school he preferred as soon as he left Nebraska.  We don't know what Greg is thinking but depending on who you ask, the decision is very obvious.

Take HuskerExtra's Steven M. Sipple, who believes Nebraska is the obvious and logical choice for Paulus:

By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paulus end up at dear old NU. It’s just a gut feeling. But trust me, NU rolled out the red carpet for Paulus’ visit to Lincoln last week. Plus, by the end of last season, Syracuse was losing games at home in a half-full Carrier Dome. That sounds like fun.

And Syracuse did what...gave Greg $5 to use at the food court and a Syracuse T-shirt?  To Steven and many others, the question for Paulus must seem to be "would you rather serve in heaven or reign in hell?"  Well according to one person, Greg is leaning towards the Dark Lord...i.e. Doug Marrone. 

Tim Hyland over at says Greg is leaning Syracuse, though I don't quite see in his article any sourcing or evidence to confirm why that's so.  Tim mentions the Buffalo News article from Friday, which doesn't really say Paulus' leanings, just how much of a fit he could be for the Orange.

So basically, nobody knows nothing.