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Actually A Pretty Nice Little Saturday

I do not envy your Dodge Stratus.  It's tires are going to get some serious wear and/or tear tomorrow.  Cause you have a very big day.

First, you're going to the Carousel Mall around 10am, like you always do.  But this time, it's not to sit down on the bench across from the Bally's and stare at the soccer moms on the step machine.  This time, it's to go stand in line so you can get Jonny Flynn's autograph.  Bring $20, it's gonna cost you.

Hopefully you're out of there by noon because now you've got to kike it over to North Syracuse (sorry) and stop by Installations Unlimited so you can get Kristof!'s John Hancock.  Hang out for a little bit, see if those diamond-encrusted rims you've had your eye on are in stock and dance in the parking lot to the sweet sounds of DJ Ray Caruso who will also be on hand. 


But don't dilly-dally, there's NCAA lacrosse to be seen.  It's Senior Day over at the Dome and the Orange are taking on a frisky Colgate squad that's desperate for a quality win and is looking to bear SU for the 3rd straight year.  The game starts at 2pm and tickets are still available (don't tell Rahme...he'll flip his sh*t).

The game should be over by 5pm and it's time to grab some dinner.  Perfect kind of day for a pie at The Varsity.  After that, maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time...

That's because the last event of the day doesn't start until 10pm.  That's the Filmmaker's Award Party at the Syracuse Film Festival.  If their marketing material is to believed, it's going to be the best thing ever done by humans:

This is the not-to-miss event of the fest... a party at the MOST, sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico, with live music by Los Blancos, food, open rum bar, and filmmakers awards...just like the Oscars!

Just $40 and eat and drink as you please.  Just consider it a steep cover charge.  But...Los Blancos, you guys!!!