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PaulusWatch: Day Nine

So we know that Greg Paulus is visiting Nebraska right now.  At least, that's what they said he's doing. No confirmation as of yet that he was actually there yesterday meeting with the football coaches.  The only update I've seen from today is this cryptic one:

Former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus still is gathering information regarding a possible foray into football, a search that has now led him to the University of Nebraska.

Sounds like the premise for a direct-to-video horror movie about corn field killers.  Lou Diamond Phillips would play Paulus, natch.

Otherwise, the front is quiet.  The intrepid folks over at Ponder This have come to the startling conclusion that Greg Paulus and Brett Favre seem to share certain traits, including the fact that neither or them will ever go away from the public consciousness.  Let's hope if Greg does come to SU, he doesn't retire and then return three times during the season.