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  • It's an autograph-off in Syracuse this weekend.  Kristof! will be signing autographs...Mike Waters
  • Greg Paulus isn't the only college basketball player looking to play football...ESPN
  • The NCAA wants players to officially declare for the NBA draft sooner...FanHouse
  • Good thing, over 100 underclassmen have declared this year.  Not looking good for Paul & Devo...Three Idiots on Sports
  • Joe Paterno wants the Big Ten to expand, everyone looks at Syracuse, Syracuse looks away and pretends not to notice...New York Post
  • A brief history of the postseason in America...Team Speed Kills
  • Axe talks to Colgate lacrosse's coach in preparation for this weekend's game...The Axeman
  • The SU lacrosse players reflect on the season and what's left to be done...Dave Rahme

Hakim Warrick's Top Ten plays of the season: