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Devo Speaks!

Ryan Miller is the Barbara Walters of Syracuse basketball.  No one could get Jonny Flynn on the horn until Miller sat down with him.  Now Miller sits down with the enigmatic Eric Devendorf to dicuss his decision to go pro.  I suppose it anyone ever finds Paul Harris, Miller will be the first to speak with him as well.

Listen as Devo explains why this was the time for him to move on, how he feels about Boeheim and if he thinks he'll end up in the NBA or Europe.

Eric Devendorf interview – decision to declare for the draft and time at Syracuse

"I think I have a real good chance. I think the season that we had, going to the Sweet 16 really upped my stock," Devendorf said. "You know, my ability to create for others and score as well, you know I think I can score with the best of them...I think I can make an NBA team and make an impact."

I hope so, sir.