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Another Day, Another Scholarship Opens Up

Another football player had shuffled himself loose the Syracuse coil, according to Donnie Webb:

Dan Sheeran has left the program, says HC Doug Marrone.

Sheeran converted to linebacker last week from wide receiver and, we thought, all parties were fine with the move.  On Monday, Sheeran was absent from practice and Marrone was tight lipped about it.  Lucky for SU, it's also the day Mike Mele returned to his old spot at linebacker.  Seems as though the absence was a precursor.

And so we bid farewell to another player not jiving with the Doug Marrone Era.  As seems to be modus operandi, Dan has already been removed from the official roster.  Sheeran only caught two passes last season but one of them was a touchdown, so at least he leaves with that.