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Doug Marrone Has Amazing Penmanship

You wanna know why Doug Marrone looks so tired?  It's not just the full-time job that is being the head coach of Syracuse football.  It's the spring practices and all of the coaching and teaching that come with them.  No, it's the late nights where Doug Marrone stays up and writes painstakingly-perfect poetic letters to strangers:


How can such brutish hands write so beautifully???  And he even finds the time to plug the website.  This guy can truly do it all.

We shouldn't be surprised that Doug is all about the people.  Just listen to the way he handles possibly-dumb questions from the media.  Even moreso, listen to the way Doug Marrone LOVES the media:

"It's good to have you all (media) around. It really is, and the fans that want to come out and see practice. We don't have anything to hide. We're putting out a football team that we all want to be proud of. And I want everyone to make sure they know how hard these players work to achieve ... what they need to achieve success on Saturdays."

If you see Doug Marrone around campus, give him a hug.  I guarantee he will squeeze harder than you do.  And that, my friend, is a football coach.

H/T: D.O. Twitter