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We Have A Winner

No, it's not North Carolina.  I mean, yes, they won the National Title last night.  La di da.  I'm sure AEM had himself quite the party.  But I'm talking about the real winner.  The one who had the most to gain and everything to lose.  The one who really, really hates the Carrier Dome announcer.  I'm talking about...


FMV is the winner of the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge!  With a final score guess of 82-69, FMV won the tiebreaker over Orangefan6 (74-66).  With that, FMV is now entitled to one free-of-charge homepage post to talk about anything and everything he/she wants.  No topic is off-limits.  As long as it's not 1,000 F-words, it will stand.

You know what to do, FMV.  You can e-mail me the post directly or you can post it as a FanPost and I will feature it.  Congrats on the win.  And may you be one step closer to getting the wish so specifically cast by your handle.

Oh, and, shame of you (and all of you near the top) for not picking Syracuse.  Sold your souls...all of you.