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PaulusWatch: Day Eight

The Greg Paulus situation was turned into an episode of ElimiDATE.

Michigan went first, took Greg out salsa dancing, but it was totally too pushy and grabby on the dancefloor, so it's out.

Next us was Syracuse and we decided to go low key.  Dinner, candles and some getting-to-know-you talk.  It was a sweet and fun and we totally looked hot in our jeans, so we're still in the hunt.

But now big bad Nebraska is attempting to woo Greg.  And they're pulling out the big guns.  They're talking him to ride the mechanical bull.  And that can either go really well or really horribly, depending on how Greg lands. 

According to Duke officials, Paulus is confirmed to visit the Cornhuskers today and tomorrow after finishing his academic requirements at Duke. 

Paulus' high school coach Joe Casamento spoke with Husker Extra about Greg's mindset

“Obviously, he’s not as familiar with Nebraska as he is with Syracuse because he grew up here. He just wants to learn about Nebraska, see what it is.”

“Listen, I was with him for an hour-and-a-half yesterday,” Casamento said. “If someone is 95 percent, I wouldn’t get on a plane and go to Nebraska or I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I don’t think Greg is going to say anything is any percentage because he’s never been to Nebraska. He has to think about all his options.”

In other words, Paulus is going because Nebraska is interested but he really doesn't have any kind of read or feel for the school going in.  If you're part of the Pro-Paulus contingent, it's good news.

Donnie Webb notes that one way or another, we're going to know what Greg is doing soon:

I was told last night that Paulus will likely make a decision in about a week. "Sooner than later," said someone close to the player.

So there you go.