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Devo Is Coming Back...For Now

Mike Waters spoke with Eric Devendorf's father today and Papa Devo had this to say:

"Eric loves Syracuse,'' Curt Devendorf said. "We've talked, but he doesn't plan on leaving. As of right now, he plans on coming back next year.''

Basically that confirms...nothing.  Lots of "planning on" and "as of right now" in there.  Short of Chad Ford going insane, not sure what could possibly happen in the next couple of weeks to make Devo change his mind.  Though I guess since we were pretty sure he was coming back anyway (he's said as much publicly), this is in keeping with that.

Take this "confirmation" for what it's worth though.  Last year, Donte Greene's grandmother publicly said that Donte was returning to Syracuse just a day before he declared for the NBA draft.

Waters does note a somewhat concerning issue, that Paul Harris has gone MIA on the topic and is currently not responding to any outreach.  Harrumph.

H/T: Alex O.