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Mike Hopkins Has Legs And He's Not Afraid To Use Them


Yep, that's SU basketball assistant coach Mike Hopkins styling and profiling last night at the Bella Casa Celebrity Fashion Show.  Next to him is 11-year-old Nicolas Mista.  Apparently they just swapped outfits in the back right before the show.

You might think it a cute and incidental pairing, with Hopkins playing it silly for no apparent reason.  But clearly you don't understand the seedy underworld of college recruiting.  Mista is rated #17 in his class by Steurgeon, DiBergi and Farquar, the nation's leading recruiting service covering pre-teens in Upstate New York. 

Mista signed an LOI to play for Syracuse in 2018 immediately following the event.  Well played, Hops.

The elusive photos of DOCTOR Gross and his emsemble continue to elude me.  Keep your eyes peeled.

The event raised money for the Ronald McDonald House charities of Central New York.

Photo: Li-Hua Lan