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System Of Re-Dress

Interesting photos popped up yesterday over on the Scout board. a user says he visited the Nike offices yesterday (which office, I do not know) and he saw a mannequin decked out in the SU basketball uniform. was different.

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Are we looking at the new version of the uni? Some seem to think so while others are saying this was simply a prototype and is not actually still being considered. Either way, it's worth discussion.

Now, I think most of us would prefer the entire System of Dress uniform be scrapped. We'd much rather have a uniform that doesn't look like someone was pressed for time so they just slapped generic lettering and numbers on a solid color while adding gray as a major color for some unknown arbitrary reason. But I think we all understand that we're stuck with this hazarai for now, so we might as well see what kind of tweaks might improve it.

I happen to prefer the fact that it would say Syracuse. I'd much rather it say the school name than just "Orange," which despite being our nickname, looks kinda weird if we're being honest. And I prefer the lettering as well, less blocky and reminds me of early-mid 90's lettering we remember so fondly. (And yes, that was just an excuse to link to a photo of Jason Cipolla)

Orange numbers would be SO MUCH BETTER than gray ones. Seriously, gray? Have we ever gotten an answer on this?

As for adding the block S to the shorts, I'm pretty indifferent. I don't like the whole tri-color stripe thing anyway so it's all messy and unorganized and lacking any kind of meaning anyway.

So, again, nothing to take from this just yet as any kind of change. But if you ask me, I think it would be a slight improvement. At the very least it gets all that gray off the jersey.