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PaulusWatch: Day Seven

Greg Paulus has spent his time on the Hill, meeting with Doug Marrone, Rob Spence and the incoming graduate class at the Newhouse School of Communications.  Now he's off and as as News 10 suggested yesterday, Paulus is reportedly going to make good on that visit to Nebraska as well.  He'll be there tomorrow to presumably meet with their coaches and maybe sit in on their communcations school graduate student introduction...assuming Nebraska has a communications school and/or knows how to operate communications machinery.

Paulus, a former two-sport All-American, is still very strongly considering resuming his football career with one season at Syracuse, but he doesn't want to regret not exploring all his options, another person familiar with Paulus said.

As the D.O. Sports Blog notes, there's no rush for Paulus at this point, so why not check and make sure you're doing the right thing for yourself.  In the meantime though, it seems that Paulus is boning up on the Syracuse playbook in case he does want to come here and hit the ground running. 

If you're taking odds, the situation at Syracuse continues to look like the best one for Greg.  At Nebraska, the Huskers have junior Zac Lee at quarterback and it seems unlikely that Paulus could come in and overtake him for the starting job. If anything, it looks like Paulus would be helping the Huskers more then they'd be helping him:

Junior Zac Lee holds a firm grip on the NU starting quarterback job and it would seem unlikely for someone to take the job away from him in such a short time before the season. But an addition of someone like Paulus would bolster depth, and perhaps increase the possibilities for Husker coaches to redshirt other quarterbacks, including true freshman Cody Green.

So while we wait for that trip and Paulus' subsequent decision to unfold, one thing dawned on me last night.  Has anyone actually seen Greg Paulus throw a football at some point recently?  I've seen enough gametape of him in high school to last me all year.  But I still haven't seen him throw a football or run an offense right now.  Have Doug Marrone and Rob Spence?  Or is everyone going completely off four-year old game footage and just trusting Greg can emulate that right away?

Oh and can we make sure Greg leaves that playbook here while he's in Lincoln?   I know we don't play them, but, you know...the Internets and all...

Oh and while we're waiting, check out The Orange Fizz and their Case for Greg.  2nd story down.  One day he'll make his individual stories day...