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Andy Rautins Is Working Through Some Things

Andy and Eric have shared a lot of good times together at Syracuse.  A LOT of good times, if you know what I mean...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  So now that Eric has gone and left Andy, there's a hole in his heart and no amount of groupies or free cheesesteaks is going to fill it.  Andy is lost, run amok in a sea of insecurity and inadquacy, and he's starting to make some poor choices.

At the Basket Ball the other night, some folks suggested to Andy that he find a ladyfriend or two to hang out with to take his mind off of things for a while.  Ufortunately, they weren't specific enough:


Step away from the pre-teens, Andrew.  Step away from the pre-teens. 

Somehow, we escaped the evening without incident and now Andy is back to more comfortable surroundings.  He's among friends, and that's always a good thing.  It's nice to know you always have friends to turn to.  Friends to sit next to.  Friends who will offer you a shoulder to lean on.  Friends to drink a couple brewskis with.  Friends to have deep conversations with. Friends to really get to know, you know, on like, a really deep level, you know?  Friends to drunkenly make out with at 3am.


Begun, this Andy Rautins Homoerotic Photo Era has.

Thanks Facebook.