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Doug Marrone Will Drive A Cah By The Hawbah

When he's not busying tweeting, Doug Marrone will be crisscrossing the country (read: Northeast) over the next few weeks as he begins his whistlestop tour of key markets to promote Syracuse football to SU donors and other wealthy people while the rest of us can see him in person...from afar.

First, up...BAWSTON!

Doug will be at Fenway Park tonight for a reception at 6 followed by some kind of meet-and-great event that also includes SU alum Sean McDonough.  Tickets might still be available if you're in the area, just call 315-443-6157.

The event will take place inside the EMC Club at Fenway:

The EMC Club offers exceptional cuisine in a first-class setting, plus sweeping views of the field from above home plate.

Complete with a 5-Star menu, dazzling open kitchen, and an intimate wine bar, The EMC Club blends luxury and history to create a unique and memorable location.

The rest of it sounds alright, but...DAZZLING OPEN KITCHEN!  Yes!  I picture it looking like Hell's Kitchen expect the accents are different.

Anyone attending?  Photos and accounts always appreciated...