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PaulusWatch: Day Six

We know Greg Paulus was on campus yesterday and many a Syracuse student Twittered about the experience, and if it's on Twitter, it must be true.

Paulus toured Newhouse yesterday, specifically sitting in on graduate student reception that is usually for incoming SU students, though I'm sure Paulus warranted the exception.  He was accompanied by Doug Marrone.  Paulus also met with offensive coordinator Rob Spence and was in Spence's office long enough to call former high school coach Joe Casamento while there:

Reached by telephone Monday night, Joe Casamento, Paulus' high school coach at CBA, said he spoke to Paulus between 6 and 7 p.m. They were unable to discuss details of Paulus' visit, Casamento said, because Paulus was meeting with SU offensive coordinator Rob Spence in his office.

"I told him he should go wherever his heart is," Casamento said. "Don't worry about the experts who say he can't do this, can't do that. Greg has the courage to try. He doesn't have to do this, but he is. He should be commended for putting himself out there and trying this. A lot of people would be too afraid."

At that point, Rob Spence asked Paulus to look directly into his eyes and then proceeded to hypnotize the recruit into coming to SU.

No word on how the day ended or what Paulus thought of things.  News 10 Now reports that their sources say Paulus is still going to visit with Nebraska later this week as well.  Paulus will also be back in Duke this weekend for graduation.

Once there, he probably wants to hope this photo hasn't made the rounds (too late).  That's Paulus, wearing North Caroline blue and holding a UNC baby.  I think we've firmly established now that loyalties are not at the top of Greg's list. (Before you gripe, yes I know Greg is wearing the shirt as part of his ACC barnstorming outfit...)

And so we wait...