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PaulusWatch: Days Three, Four, Five

Many developments in the ongoing saga that is the Greg Paulus Situation.  Okay, one real development, so let's get to it.

So last week Donnie Webb reached out to Duke spokesman Matt Plizga, who said Greg Paulus had no plans to be in Syracuse this past weekend.  Well, Greg Paulus was in Syracuse this weekend, so from here on out, Matt Plizga is officially a dirty liar.

Paulus came home to Manlius on Sunday and a Duke official now says Paulus will be in town til Tuesday.  As for whether or not he has met or will meet with Coach Marrone and the Syracuse football staff...well, depends on who you talk to.

Jeff Goddman at Fox Sports says Paulus met with Marrone last night.  Ryan Miller says Paulus is expected to visit either today or tomorrow.  Donnie Webb is playing it closer to the chest, saying  that a meeting may or may not have happened, if a meeting is even happening at all. 

So to wrap this all up neatly, we think that we know that we think Paulus may or may not have met with someone who may or may not have been Coach Marrone, we think.  Got it?

One thing we do know, if you live in the Syracuse area and turned on your TV this past weekend, you would have seen Greg in the Carrier Dome.  Not live, but Time Warner Cable's local station decided to air five Christian Brothers games from Paulus' senior season, including a game that took place in the Dome. 

Knock them for jumping the gun if you like, still probably got better ratiings than Kings.