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Riley A Top 100 Recruit, Triche Not...They're Assuming

The Top 100 Class of 2009 Basketball Recruits lists is out and Syracuse has one player on it.  DaShonte Riley is rated #92 on the list.  But what about Brandon Triche?  The Class A Co-Player of the Year and co-MVP of the Jordan Brand Classic's Regional Game is nowhere to be seen.  Donnie Webb investigated by speaking with's national recruiting director Dave Telep and here's his intricate, scientific reasoning:

"Of all the guys in the class, he's the one guy I have no good read on,'' Telep admitted. "It's not his fault. It's my fault. It's been such a long time since I've seen him. I've just missed him or he's been hurt.

"Brandon Triche could be an All-American and I wouldn't know.''

Wait, you can do that?!?!?  You can say you're the expert on all things recruiting and you charge money for your services and then you put out a list that determines the top recruits in the nation without actually researching and checking out some of them?  You're better off just telling me he wasn't good enough to crack the Top 100.

It's all moot at this point anyway, SU fans are extremely excited to see what Triche can and will be asked to do this season, Top 100 or not.  You can be sure that unlike some people, we'll be watching him.