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PaulusWatch: Day Two

So all week we've heard that Greg Paulus will be visiting Syracuse University this weekend.  Or was it that he'll just be visiting Syracuse to see his family?  Or is it that he's already decided to attend Syracuse?  It's like my brain is flopping incorrectly and only Greg can show me how to do it properly.

Donnie's been keeping a close eye on the situation and in close contact with the Duke athletic staff who has been acting as Paulus' spokesperson.  So, when should we expect Greg this weekend?  We need to make sure we have enough place-settings and know of any dietary needs.  What say you, Duke spokesman Matt Plizga?

"As of yesterday (Wednesday) when I spoke to Greg, he had been contacted by 10-15 college programs that were interested in talking to him. He is focusing on completing the school year here and graduating on May 10. During the next two weeks he will also be evaluating the academic and athletic opportunities that he has in front of him."

Also mentioned in that e-mail was that Paulus was "not expected" to visit Syracuse this weekend after all.  Who knows if that's just a smokescreen.  Greg's already publicly acknowledged his interest in Syracuse so it's too late to pretend he's not interested.  Take it with many grains of salt.

Paulus' high school coach Joe "Breathing Down His Throat" Casamento had this to say of Paulus and his chances at SU:

"Can he come back and play? Yeah," Christian Brothers head coach Joe Casamento said Thursday. "Do I know if he's going to win the job someplace? No. But I know this. If he doesn't win it, he'll put a lot of pressure on whoever's in front of him to be great because he's a competitor."

Meanwhile over at Rush The Court, they don't see any reason Syracuse shuoldn't take a shot on Paulus, they just hope that if he does get the starting job, he doesn't get himself tea-bagged during a sack. A tall order for any quarterback, let alone Paulus.