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You're Welcome, Hampton University

Former SU qaurterback decided to transfer to 1-AA Hampton a couple weeks back after leaving the SU team.  Bitter about the lack of opportunities here, he's looking for a fresh start and a chance to play right away.  It's a good deal.  So good that there's more scorned-Syracuse players following suit.

Donnie reported yesterday that former SU cornerback Matt Reid is also transferring to Hampton.  Reid left the team after seeing limited action for the Orange and after speaking with Legree, decided to look into Hampton:

"He told me he went down to Hampton and they're rebuilding everything and they're starting off fresh with a new coach and a good staff," Reid said. " … Their program is going in a good direction, and I feel as though I can contribute and go in there and compete for a starting job."

Fair enough, though isn't that what you had at Syracuse?  I'm confused.

Reid is also apparantly trying to convince OL Michael Kay to join the Pirates as well.  He left the SU team just a few days ago.  I'm sure Hampton is eagerly awaiting the news that Arthur Jones, Mike Williams and Antwon Bailey are leaving SU...should work out nicely for them.