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PaulusWatch: Day One

And here we go.

When we heard yesterday that Greg Paulus was "likely" to come to Syracuse and play football this season, it was only a matter of time before we got the requisite denial.  That came in last night through Duke and the ESPN report was said to be just a tad premature.

Clearly, ESPN is sticking by Joe Schad's scoop as that is now the top story on their college football page.  The report also notes that "if Syracuse becomes his second college destination, Paulus is considering studying for a master's degree in communications." Ah, the old Newhouse-Masters-tricker. 

Paulus himself took part in the ACC Barnstorming Tour yesterday.  He answers some questions about his future (scroll down) but doesn't get into specifics.  Obviously.

Finally, the news that Paulus was likely coming to SU has been polarizing ever since the rumors originally popped up.  One person who hasn't needed any convincing is Bud Poliquin.  Poliquin was calling for the return of the prodigal son last week and now he's practically demanding that it happen:

But only the most closed-minded of folks in some weird rush to judgement would suggest that this riskless chance, whose yield could be so extraordinary, is one that should not be taken by either the program or the kid.

Remember, SU has won only 26 of its last 83 games, so it has absolutely nothing to lose. Paulus, whose career as a basketball player may or may not have a life overseas, has this one final season of eligibility to impress the NFL's beef merchants, so he has absolutely plenty to gain.

There is no intelligent reason, then, for the Orange to dismiss Paulus or for Paulus to reject the Orange. None. And the more I ponder this potential union, the more I sense it will become official sooner than later.

Gotta admit, I'm starting to drink the Kool-Aid.  What is the harm, really?  Worst case, he doesn't beat out Ryan Nassib and he's bitter all season sitting on the bench.  Best case, he earns the starting spot and helps Nassib in his learning process.  And I do think Paulus will have to earn that starting job, Doug Marrone doesn't strike me as the type to hand out starting jobs from what I've seen so far.

So now we wait.  Greg's in town this weekend.  Will we know for sure what's happening come Monday?  Probably not, but certainly soon.