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The Paulusination Of Syracuse Is Upon Us

So says Joe Schad of ESPN.  There's no story to link to just yet on ESPN but it's working its way across the ESPN bottom scroll at the moment.

Tony Reali over at PTI has also said that Paulus-to-Cuse is at 95%, whatever that means.

Check back for updates...

Update: Still no story up.  But there is this article confirming that Paulus is visiting the University, not just the town, this weekend. (H/T: NOLACuse)

Update Dos: Here's Joe Schad's Twitterfeed.  "Watch for Greg Paulus to Syracuse. This would be a great match!" Not exactly "done deal" kind of talk.  Little more speculative than official.  Are we getting worked up by Stat Boy and some tweets over nothing here?

Update Tres: The stunning lack of any editorial on ESPN, or any other media outlet is leading me to believe that while we might be heading down this road, it's not the done deal it sounded like.  Question for those in front of a TV, is it still on the scroll?  Cause no one else is touching this.

Update Quatre: Joe Schad tweets "To reiterate, Paulus to Syracuse likely. Not done, just likely. Might be done this weekend. Likely a great homecoming story."  So there you go.  Set your phasers to wait and see.