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Every Kiss-Off Begins With Kay

You know how warehouses have those "This Department Has Been Accident Free For XX Days" signs hanging up on the wall?  I'm thinking we should hang one up in the Syracuse football locker room, only this one will read "This Department Hasn't Lost A Player In X Days."  You only need the one X since it's usually just a couple of days before someone leaves.

The latest send-off is Michael Kay, a redshirt-freshman offensive lineman.  Kay is no longer on the field, his jersey is back in circulation, he's been removed from the roster and Doug Marrone won't comment on him.  So I THINK he might be gone for good.

No word on why he left but Donnie puts the pieces together:

My guess on this one is Kay didn't cut it as an offensive lineman, was probably told he didn't have a future in terms of playing time and the two sides agreed to go their separate ways.

Kay would have been about 12th on a depth chart that wasn't losing any players the next two seasons so most likely he realized he won't see any playing time for a while and called it a day.  And a good day to you, sir.

Who's next?