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Josh Wright Goes Pro...I Think

Ah Josh Wright.  So many memories, so many good times.  When you decided to attend the University of Ottawa for a fresh start, it was the beginning of something positive.  Something that would last a long time and help you maintain some structure and grounding.

Well, not so much.  Josh has left the Gee-Gees and is currently in Parts Unknown.

Guard Josh Wright will not return to the Gee-Gees men's basketball team next season.

The six-foot-one transfer from Utica, New York who played half a season in the CIS is hoping to secure a professional contract in Europe.

"It's something we thought would happen," said Gee-Gees men's head basketball coach Dave DeAveiro. "It was his goal to play pro somewhere."

Apparently the Gee-Gees were a high seed in the post-season but lost early.  According to The CIS Blog, not everyone will be entirely heart-broken to see Wright go:

Wright was a treat to watch, but there were a few along press row at the Final 8 who felt he did not make Gee-Gees combo guard Josh Gibson-Bascombe a better player.

Calls to Wright's number in New York went unreturned so who knows where Josh is at the moment and his next steps are.  Just keep an eye on your credit cards in the meantime...