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Only 4,627 To Go!

SbN is holding a fun and fancy-free contest between all of the blogs in the network.  Who can get to 5,000 Twitter followers the fastest?  There's even a fancy-looking page that breaks down the standings.


There I am in 27th place, just ahead of the Cubs but trailing behind the Buffalo Sabres blog.  REALLY?  This cannot stand.  And so, I ask for your help.  If you haven't already signed up to follow the TNIAAM Twitter feed, please do.  If you know someone who would benefit from my poor attempts at humor and discussion, pass it along.  And if you're really bored, make up some fake accounts and just start posting (kidding...kinda).

I've been at this for a couple months now and I've got 370+ followers so far.  As long as no one else crosses the 5,000 follower mark at any point in the next 5 years, I should be fine.

The 5,000th Follower on the winning blog will get a nice prize (TBD) but we're not in this for the fancy cars and hot women.  We're in this for the love of the game.  And the fancy cars and hot women.