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Syracuse Basketball Will Be 67% Less Tattooed Next Season

No surprise here, Eric Devendorf will sign with an agent shortly, officially ending his college career.

Syracuse University guard Eric Devendorf plans on signing with an agent, effectively ending his college career, his AAU coach told the Post-Standard on Tuesday.

Devendorf had already announced his intention to enter his name in the NBA draft, but the 6-foot-4 guard will sign with Atlanta-based CGL Sports, according to Will Smith, coach of the Michigan Hurricanes AAU program.

The Michigan Hurricanes?  I suppose The Flint Tropics was taken.

Interesting that it's Devo's AAU coach and not Jim Boeheim who makes this known.  That's not going to help those "Boeheim pushed Devo and Harris out" rumors go away. 

Also, don't forget to follow the trail here.  Devo's AAU coach is Will Smith (not that one).  Smith runs the Michigan Hurricanes, which were formerly run by Chris Grier Luchey.  Luchey is now the president of CGL Sports, the agency repping Devo.  It's an incestuous business, that basketball. 

Luckey also reps Knick Wilson Chandler and Bulls guard Anthony Roberson, both of whom also played for the Hurricanes.  Quite the system they've got working there. 

So what are Devo's chances of playing in the NBA?  Not too good.  But Smith is optomistic for Eric:

"Eric's going to work out for a number of teams and we'll see where it goes. I think he'd be a great European player if it comes to that.''

A guy like Devo can do quite well in Europe or elsewhere.  No shame in making some decent scratch and being a top player in Europe.  I can think of worse fates that getting paid to play ball in Greece or Italy or England.  Like say, living in Bakersfield.  Just ask Gerry.