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Call in S.W.A.T., It's MayFest

Syracuse, NY- A handful of parties are currently taking place along Euclid Avenue in the Syracuse city neighborhood closest to Syracuse University.

I shit you not, that is the opening line of the article up on right now about today's MayFest celebration at SU.  Batten down the hatches, if you own anything with hatches and then know how to batten them.  The students are drinking cheap beer and taking off their shirts on a Tuesday.  No good can come of this.

There are currently several Syracuse city police patrol cars parked along Euclid Avenue and police officers walking in the area. Students at several houses have tables set up in the front yard and are playing drinking games under sunny skies.

You better make that beer pong shot, Jimmy.  Else Officer Mulrooney will thump yer skull.

But obviously the best part of the day is the overreacting local news pieces that will most certainly be appearing on your local network stations today.  Let's take a trip back at eye-grabbing graphics past, shall we?

While we're at it, let's take a look down memory lane to see what wholesome fun the kids of 2008 were up to:

The most disturbing part to me?  Who are these people driving on Euclid on this day?  Find an alternate route, people.  You only have yourself to blame for the six-inch gash in your tire caused my a flatten Natty Light can.