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The Paulusination Of Syracuse Football Inches Closer

A couple days ago, I think we were all pretty sure the Greg Paulus Situation had ceased to be and Greggers (uh-oh) was going to take his roadshow to Michigan to play ball.  Like most things involving Syracuse sports these days, give it a little bit of time and the situation will turn on it's head before you know it.

Sources indicated late Friday afternoon that the Michigan football program is no longer exploring the possibility of adding former Duke PG Greg Paulus to its fall roster. 

What happened to that fancy scholarship you guys offered?  Apparently, it never happened in the first place.  Officially:

Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus has not been offered a football scholarship from Michigan, school officials said Thursday.

He has been offered, however, a chance to join the team and compete this fall for the quarterback job.

Now, who's to say tomorrow we won't find out Paulus is already in Ann Arbor vying for the job.  Still, it has to give Syracuse fans pause.  If Paulus isn't going to play at Michigan and no other schools have come forward as options, is Syracuse Paulus' only hope now to play quarterback next season?

The merits of Paulus as an option have been debated all over the place.  Some think it's a no-brainer to bring Paulus in and let him compete.  The catch would seem to be that Paulus isn't just looking for a roster spot, he wants to play.  Whether or not it's in Syracuse's best interest to take a year away from Ryan Nassib and let a guy who hasn't touched a football in four years automatically step in remains to be seen.

(Of course as soon as I write this, I read that Nebraska and Paulus have talked as well.  See...I told you...turn away for a minute and things change...)