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If Committing To Syracuse Is Cool, Consider Him Myles Davis

The Orange picked up their first two 2010 football commitments over the weekend.  First up is Myles Davis, the 6-1, 225 LB from Pittsburgh, who chose the Orange over Rutgers.  Davis attended the spring game and decided right after to join the Orange. 

Davis said Sunday he ended the process because Syracuse offered everything he wanted. He said the coaching staff - particular SU assistant Dan Conley, who is from the Pittsburgh area - made the decision easier.

Davis said he attended the Pittsburgh spring football game and saw a difference with the Orange.

"It wasn't really as intense," Davis said of comparing the spring game at Pittsburgh and Syracuse. "The guys (at Pittsburgh) weren't getting after it as much. Nobody was making the big plays. It didn't seem like they were going 100 percent. At Syracuse, they really did."

Thank God this kid doesn't know about last year's spring game.  No one's gonna show him the tape...right?

The word kindergarten literally means "children's garden."  Perhaps one day we'll be calling the Carrier Dome Kinder's Garden (actually, I hope not) due to the success of new commit, Long Island QB John Kinder.

Considered one of the top QBs on the Island, Kinder is more of the multi-attack quarterback that the Orange will be looking for to run the spread option.  He passed and rushed for over 1,000 yards last season:

Kinder passed for 14 touchdowns and rushed for 13 touchdowns in 2008 as Lawrence reached the semifinals of the Long Island playoffs.

"He runs a great spread option for us," said Andre of Kinder. "He's a very good runner. He has a fantastic arm. I've been a head coach since '82 and he's the best quarterback I've ever coached. He's 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. He's real good in the weight room. He plays lacrosse (a midfielder) in the spring. He's a great kid."

Kinder does not have any plans to play lacrosse for Syracuse.  He will, however, compete as hard as possible for the starting gig at SU:

"I love to compete," Kinder said on Sunday. "When I come in, I'm trying to take someone's spot."

Check out some highlights of Kinder throwing and running, Part II can be found here: