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Let's Be Smart About This, Jonathan

We already knew that Jim Boeheim was instructing Jonny Flynn to gauge his stock in the upcoming NBA Draft.  Still, that doesn't make headlines like "Flynn Ready To Declare For Draft" any more palatable. 

According to WIVB in Buffalo, Jonny is indeed going to declare himself eligible for the June NBA Draft but he will not hire an agent. 

Flynn and his advisors will talk later this week to formalize his decision, but he's decided to test the waters and see where he might be drafted.  By declaring himself eligible for the draft, Flynn would be invited to workout camps where NBA scouts could evaluate his game and give him a better idea of where he might be drafted by the league.

This has all the markings of an investigative look on Jonny's part and not a decision to go pro.  Unlike Donte Greene, who was always looking for a good reason to leave, I think its fair to say that Jonny is looking for a good reason to stay.

According to (via the D.O.), Jonny is projected to be the 19th pick right now (by Atlanta...yuck.).  If that's what sticks, I can't imagine Jonny jumps.  He knows he's a top ten talent and that's where he'll be if he waits til next year, not to mention the chance to put a championship ring on his finger in the meantime.  He has until April 26th to decide for sure.

Let's all stay civil and let Jonny see for himself.  When he's pictured with Leon Rose or one of those other slimeballs, THEN we can panic.