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  • Jim Abbott will deliver the keynote speech at tonight'sSU Charity
  • Tough loss for the lacrosse team, captain Spencer Van Shaack out for the year with a knee injury...Dave Rahme
  • Jim Calhoun is slightly more successful but Jim Boeheim is the much better human...Daily Orange
  • What's wrong with you, David Legree?...The Saltine Warriors
  • It's been too long since I've linked to a Katie Rowan story.  The Gods are angered...Daily Orange
  • Another week, another UConn athlete arrested...Brian Bennett
  • Speaking of, Harrison's got some gears to grind about UConn and other topics...Orange44

Litle bit old but here's some practice footage and a lot of video that seems to focus on Ryan Nassib's ass.  Just sayin'.

Donnie Webb's Orange Football Report: Nassib Named Starting QB